Boy's Room / Girl's Room,...

​This next slide show is from two average sized bedrooms I did recently. The boy's room was done in a nice warm yellow which I believe was called "Honey Bear", and the teenage girl's room was done in, you guessed it, pink. As is always the case when I paint, all the trim was cut in clean and straight. I am very meticulous about my work, regardless of the size of the job, and no job is so small that it shouldn't be done properly.

Highlight the Features,..

​I'm always surprised by how many times I walk into a customer's house and see nothing but white everywhere. What is the point of having nice features like moldings and panels if your just going to paint everything white and make it all disappear? These pictures show what happens when you put some color on the walls and use white for the accents, the way it was intended. It makes quite a difference.

Don't Fear Color,...

​The "Subdued" Bedroom,...

​Soft blues and slate colors make an excellent choice for bedrooms. They are easy on the eyes and produce a pleasing and relaxing low-light effect without being gloomy, particularly when applied in a matte finish. Matte finish paints reduce, or eliminate the annoying light bounce you get from higher sheen finishes, so all your eyes pick up is the color without the squint. Just what the doctor ordered for a good nights sleep.

With Deep Colors, Matte is Key,..

Make Your Rooms "Liveable",.

This is the living room that adjoins the above dining room and it too was painted in a light, nondescript beige color. I worked with the customers on their color selections for the whole house and suggested that the room was large enough to take a deep, warm color like soft cocoa. This color made an excellent transition from the deep blue in the hall on one side and the beautiful sage green in the dining room. The crown moldings in both rooms were painted with an HVLP sprayer, which produces a beautiful, smooth finish when done properly.