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What Makes a Good Paint Job?

​There are several basic elements necessary for a good paint job and they are all related to how our brain sees the world. While our conscious mind may drift all over the map, our subconscious doesn't miss much. The short version is that our minds pick up details and although our conscious mind may not notice them, our subconscious most certainly does. So when it comes to what makes a good paint job, the devil is in the details.

One of the most widely overlooked elements of a paint job is preparation. A couple coats of paint is not a magic cure for all your room's ills, it's more like the icing on the cake. If your walls and/or trim have issues, then a coat of paint will not fix them. Preparation can take many forms and the type of preparation varies greatly depending on the type of surfaces being painted and whether the surfaces being painted are new or old. Most paint jobs are on surfaces that have already been painted at least once, so let's a look at preparing old surfaces first,....